The Best Way to Decorate Your Living Room

If you’re renting, it’s worth finding out what your landlord is happy for you to do to your living room. More often than not, as long as you ask, they’ll be please that you want to improve and take care of the property. From their point of view, cleanly painted white walls will be miles better than scuffed magnolia and will make the place feel more spacious.

Here are a few easy ways to make your living room much better.

Get savvy with storage

The two storage solutions in this teeny living room make for a perfect combo: one for all the stuff you want to look at, and the rest for stuff you don’t. Get a trunk that doubles up as a coffee table, to chuck in all the boring stuff, and display the nice bits on open shelving. For an uplifting feel, lay out around a window as above.

Section off space with furniture

If you have an open plan kitchen and living room, separate off an area with a sofa to make it feel cosier and more intimate. Try to imagine all the times you’ll be sharing a big bowl of popcorn and if you can all reach; you’re on to a winner.

Choose a clever dining table

Apparently you’re less likely to over-eat if you sit at a table, because there’s less to distract you. Make sure to fit one in if you can, and this flexible folding style is perfect for space saving. It can double up as a desk, and by hanging a mirror above, this opens up the space.

Sack off the coffee table

If you’re really in a tight squeeze, this is a great option instead of a coffee table.

Try to think creatively

This before/after transformation is insanely good. It just shows that you can be dealt a bad hand but still turn it around with some clever techniques. By keeping furniture low to the ground and picking styles with narrow legs, this creates an airy, high ceiling illusion.

Don’t go too wild with colour

In this picture and the above, colour has been used but more as an accent than a base. Paint the walls white (most landlords will agree to this) and instead use bits of colour dotted around to keep it feeling clean yet with interest. House plants do a great job of this.

If your space is seriously lacking, double up cupboard storage as a cosy sofa-bench.

Don’t forget the TV and all the techy bits that go with. Try managing it in a wide storage system.

Don’t forget the details

Simple touches like a sheepskin rug over a pouffe and a collection of cacti won’t go a miss in your petite room. These things that are special to you make it feel homely and lived in.

Keep it simple

Finally, an easy layout for a small room is sofa one side, TV the other; keeping it real guys. For a tidy feel, try and keep surfaces clear and get a nice rug that fits with the furniture. Urban Outfitters always have good ones that aren’t expensive.