Mistakes to Avoid when Decorating a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment gives you limited space and options for decorating.  We list some common mistakes made when decorating which can often make the room feel even smaller.

1- Choosing Too Big or Too Small Furniture

Don’t overcrowd the studio with too much furniture. Try to get the right balance to give you just enough items but plenty of space around them.

2- Being Afraid of Pattern

You can be adventurous in a small space, too. In fact, experimenting with different colours and patterns might enhance the room. If you use a dramatic-patterned wallpaper it can add more character to your apartment and give the feeling of additional space.


3- Treating It As One Room

Try to think of it as several open spaces rather than one room.Creating zones will help maximise your space (and sanity). Using room dividers or rugs to delineate spaces means you won’t have to eat on your bed anymore. Try to include pieces of furniture that can have more than one function, like a desk that can be used as a dining table. With the right layout, you can pack a lot of utility into a small space.

5- Hanging the Curtains Too Low

Correctly placed curtains can transform a studio. “When hanging drapery, mount the rods as far up on the wall as they will go: the closer to the ceiling, the better,” says interior designer James Wheeler. “This draws the eye upwards, making the windows appear larger. I love using track-like hardware that can be mounted directly to the ceiling.” You’ll want to choose curtains that reach all the way to the floor.

6- Leaving Your Bed Out in the Open

“Don’t just put your bed right out in the room,” says interior designer Kyle Schuneman. “You can create visual separation by creating a bed nook with cabinets, wallpaper, and a sconce so it feels like a room within a room.” Another quick and classic trick is to use a bookcase or folding screen as a room divider.​

7- Decorating With Accent Pieces That Fall Short

Too many accessories could make your small apartment look like an episode of Hoarders, but with too few, it may look sparse. With the accent pieces you do choose, aim for those that will create the illusion of more space. “Incorporating taller, oversized pieces of art in a small room elongates walls, and opens up the room,” says Wheeler. Mirrors will trick the eye, too. “Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and to bounce light – it’s the oldest trick in the book,” says interior designer Jason Grant. “Position them opposite your window to double your view.”

8- Buying the Wrong Furniture

Now that small space living has become more popular, a wide variety of furniture pieces are available to do double duty—offering extra storage or folding to become more compact. “Murphy beds are always good, plus ottomans which open for storage. Sofabeds are great, too—I slept on one from Avery Boardman for years!” says interior designer Brett Beldock. “IKEA has terrific storage units and movable closets which can divide a room.”