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Also, we do not charge for

• Copy Documents (typically £60)
• Registering Deposits with the Deposit Protection Service (Typically £50)
• Void Project Management (typically 10%)
• Tenancy Renewals/rent increase (typically £100)

*Rates quoted are for guide purposes only. Additional costs may be applicable dependent upon circumstances.

Maximising Returns for Landlords

We know landlords need to make a good return on their investments. That’s why we champion longer term lets, which not only minimises your agency fees but also help your tenants to feel more settled and at home – emotionally investing in and caring for your property, as if it’s their own. In fact, to help tenants feel secure we have never interrupted a tenancy to charge a renewal fee.

If you would like to transfer a property over to Ethical Letting from your current agency, the process is simple. All you need to do is send an email to your current agency letting them know that we’ll be taking over, and we handle everything else. This lets you get on with what you do best, as you have no boring transfer paperwork to go through.

Should you be interesting in growing your property portfolio, or becoming a landlord for the first time, we can help. Our director Emily will be able to give you unbiased advice on your next investment decision. She has a wealth of experience in the Glasgow property market and is always looking out for lucrative investment opportunities for our landlords. This helps them to make the maximum return on their investments month after month.

Securing Reduced Rates

Whilst it is not mandatory, if your property has any energy efficient benefits we will charge you reduced rates – not just because we are in favour green initiatives but because experience has shown that cosy tenants, with low running costs, are more likely to happily rent long term.

We’ll rate your property free of charge and suggest easy ways to improve its energy efficiency. How green you choose to go is entirely up to you; from cheap and cheerful measures, like fitting draught excluders, to larger outlays, such as double glazing, we are here to help.

Protecting Your Investing

Here are some of the ways we work hard at Ethical Letting to make sure your property works hard for you.

• Registered with S1 homes to maximise property publicity
• We aim to match landlords with like minded tenants
• We’re only a phone call away for friendly, prompt help
• Comprehensive inventory documentation
• Quarterly property inspection, to help nip potential problems in the bud
• Repair and maintenance experts available 24/7
• We’ve never charged tenancy renewal fees to landlords
• Welcome gifts for tenants (including vouchers promoting local traders)
• Financial bonus if others use us through your recommendation

To find out what we can do for you and your property, please get in touch using the form below: